Are We Sleeping Yet?

Sleeping through the night. Yes it can be done, both of mine did it by 12 weeks, both breastfed. It was an important goal for me and prior to delivery I was thirsty for knowledge! How do I get them to sleep through the night? I read many books and I asked more experienced mums how they did it.

Tantrum? What tantrum?

When was the last time your kids had a full on tantrum? Can’t remember or was it this morning. Are you one of the lucky ones whose kids don’t do that? If you are, well done you,  pat yourself on the back because it’s not luck, you’re doing something right.   I don’t subscribe to them,  don’t allow them and …

Fly away

In November last year the Princess moved back to Sydney, she had been living in New York with us since December 2007. She came just before her 18th birthday, which is Australia is the legal drinking age. So imagine her chagrin when she comes of age a month later only to have 3 more years to wait! However

Boys to Men

Grand Master D is in 6th grade and has started want to walk home with his friends after school. This is great. They are a good bunch of boys and they all live in a small block radius. He has an iPhone  so I can check in with him if he’s getting a bit late.