What’s Next…

So much of life these days has been busy, confusing and difficult for me as we have all moved into different life phases. Grand Master D has become a fully formed human, graduating high school back in 2017 and has since been doing some different service jobs while also saving money and studying his chosen craft of piano playing. I …

His and Hers for Yours.

The fancy has arrived. When the toilet seat breaks and a replacement is required, you just know if it’s in this house, it won’t be your average run of the mill white plastic dunny seat. Nope, not here.

Sir Lickalot’s Journey

Our boy, the beautiful Leonberger known around here as Sir Lickalot went on his journey on Saturday, December 30, 2017. It was coming. I had been telling the kids for a while that his time was running out, getting old and slow. No more daily walks, he didn’t want to move around much and his appetite had diminished.

Hello 2016, I mean 2018

After two entire years of writing nothing on my blog for fear of vilification during the controversial 2016 election year, I’ve come back to feel out if I had the heart to start again, and there it was, my very last draft post, waiting patiently to join the ranks of internet opinions, it feels like it could have been written last …

And You thought your Husband was Weird

We all have quirks right? Some of us have stranger ones than others and we learn to navigate each others things when we live together for any length of time. It’s part of the fabric of a relationship, agreed? 

Life Gets Messy

I went to court yesterday, I know, shocking… but it wasn’t for me,

If We Make it Through Tomorrow….

It’s almost February, so far this year we’ve had no real snow to speak off, which is good considering the battering we received over the last couple of years.