That Time a Megalomaniac Ran for President

You guys, I’ve been holding my tongue as much as I can. I’ve watched closely as this year’s presidential election has taken shape. I’ve laughed with all of you who thought he wouldn’t get far but when he lasted the first couple of months, I lamented, this can’t be real. People can’t honestly think he can run the country.

Then he became the front runner, even though every time he opens his mouth he’s spouting hate speech against someone. Everything he says proves he cares little for the actual successful running of America and more about stroking his ego. Tell people what he thinks they want to hear. And by some accounts he’s correct, unfortunately America has been in decline for some time and the hurt people are feeling is aimed at those in office, rightly or wrongly accused of not doing enough to help.

Last night, he won the New Hampshire Republican primary by a large margin. That means more republican voters chose to support a man who has bankrupted his companies several times just to get out of paying his debts, in doing so he’s put people on the unemployment line.

The same man who has taken money and done developments in partnership with sheiks and other mega wealthy muslims but has turned on them all by saying ALL muslims must be temporarily banned from entering the US. He employs undocumented Mexican workers for his high rise projects and yet wants to build a wall to keep all the Mexican rapist and murderers out. The same man has directed his clothing manufacturing businesses off shore to Chinese sweat shops but believes China is our biggest threat.

This man, who stamps his name on everything he touches doesn’t care about America, he doesn’t care about the poor, the sick, the mentally ill.

This whole thing is a joke, an ego boost for himself. He’s a bully and a danger to the international reputation and security of the United States of America. I can’t vote as I’m a resident alien and not a citizen but I like to live here and I hope that the only thing this crazy, selfish, megalomaniac gets is his ass handed to him sometime between now and November….PLEASE

trump dump

Because if this dick get control of this country, becomes the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, then we’re all doomed and we should all make sure our passports are current because leaving is the only option.

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