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HI, My name is Molley Mills. I am mum to 3 children and a husband. Yep that’s right……. 28 yo Princess, 17 yo Grand Master D, 14 yo Miss Gremlin, and The King who insists he’s 7.. Lord help me :) We have a brain damaged dog named Sir Lickalot, He’s very special . We live in Harlem New York. Landing here from Australia in 2005 with 9 suitcases…….and a “we will conquer all” attitude! Let me tell you sometimes we’re not sure who’s conquering whom. For a long time the King has been telling me I should write a book about my thoughts on child rearing. He said I should share the wisdom because no kids are as good as ours! Well I’m sure they’re not perfect, nor am I but I can see so many things that are the current norm that I would never do. I’ve learned though, sometimes the hard way, that you just have to shut your mouth and let people screw it up even when you KNOW how to help them. If they don’t ask…. DON’T offer… Now a book sounded like too much commitment so here I am in the blogosphere! I don’t claim to know anything and I get it wrong lots but I have some funny things to share. If nothing else I know there are many of you who can relate to how hard it is to get this parenting thing right……

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Things I am prepared to admit

I LOVE open fires
I need to go walking by myself often
I miss Australia
The kids drive me crazy a lot
I still find it hard not having a backyard after 7 years without one.
I love springtime flowers but can never get motivated to plant them in time
Getting up before the sun should be illegal
I once had a bath on the side of the road with a bottle of spring water
I think fast cars and loud music Always go together.
I HATE ironing!
I’m fascinated by foreign languages and try to learn them often… I am not fluent in any but I can order beer and coffee in 2!
I can’t get into to an unmade bed, even if that means making it then getting in.
I love that my bedroom is also the Kings conference room and he makes the bed when he’s on conference calls.
I like to cook but only when I want.
I am a wind child.
I prefer private jets
I’m practical (mostly)
I can talk on the phone for hours.
I can still fit into my wedding dress after 12 years
Weddings make me cry
Pretty woman will always be my favourite movie
I love country music
Roses and Daffodils are my favourite flowers.
I’ve gone hippie in my 40’s
I believe in homoeopathy and bush medicine
I got a red 67 mustang convertible for a wedding gift
We got engaged in a helicopter
I prefer dogs to cats… sorry
I’ve crashed a car into a house stone cold sober
I still tie my shoes with 2 loops
My favourite day is Friday
I hate Mondays
I once had a job which took 3 people to replace me.


Molley Mills

I learned to drive on a tractor
I’ve been in a rollover
There are very few pictures of me pregnant
I once got up at 3am to change the sheets so I could sleep
Im nervous of the ocean
I watch tv too much
Im a little addicted to news
Saxophone moves my soul
I have lots of patience
I kick arse at archery, the king never knew until I beat him.
Geography and History are very interesting to me, though I failed geography in high school.
One day I’d love to share the country life experience with my kids for longer than a holiday.
I’ve been in love with the King for 22 years
I have a problem with badly behaved children
Manners are essential
I love my kids a little bit more when they’re asleep
Once I vacuumed the terrace
I’m a weather watcher
I’ve lived in placed with koalas and kangaroos at the back door
I’ve experienced life’s full circle
Im very loyal but hold a grudge 🙁
I grew up around guns but see no place for them in city life
I’ve broken in a horse
I’ve taught old dogs new tricks
Sometimes New York beats me up
I love the sun and the moon
I sometimes swear in front of my kids unintentionally
I’m a step monster mother
I’m good friend with my husband’s ex
Although I’d love to live in the 1900’s I need electricity more

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  1. “I can’t get into to an unmade bed, even if that means making it then getting in.” ME TOO! I thought I was th only one. I have broken a horse or two too. You are somethin’ else Miss Molley. <3

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m having some good laughs browsing around yours (hey! I prefer private jets too!) I look forward to reading more of your entries.
    Cheers, J

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