I Love it When Paleo Cooking is Easy

I haven’t written about food for a while, but My Lord Doctor King is on a ‘lifestyle change’ (we don’t say diet) and has already dropped 14 lbs so I am cooking better again and using the paleo technique.

Big Banana Breakfast – Paleo Style

I saw a recipe the other day, unfortunately I can’t remember where but  I wanted to make it. I love pancakes and being paleo (mostly) I don’t eat them anymore.

Mouthwatering Autumn Pork Recipe

I got inspired, I felt like cooking. It doesn’t happen a lot but when I do I get rather creative. This time I’m cooking pork tenderloin with Apple sauce, Roasted sweet potaotes and Bacon Asparagus. Now you know this is all going in the oven to do all the work cos that’s how I roll but here’s the preparation for …

Hate Cooking?, Let the Oven Do it.

It’s been a while since I’ve done food on the blog but there’s a few people who have been asking about my paleo journey. Ok I’ve fallen off the wagon a little but Europe… beer and bread people… nuf said? So it’s time to get right back to it. Super easy dinner ideas. I’m all about the lazy cooking. I …

Mouth Watering Yummies

It’s been a while since I posted any food stuff. I got side tracked. Things evolved. I still cook, I haven’t completely given over to take out boxes………. I’m still on my paleo journey…. Here are some dishes that I have done recently. In no particular order of yumminess.

Paleo Pizza

I’ve been looking at different paleo pizza recipes for a while now and wanted to try one. I like pizza but the crust is bad so looking for alternatives has been a challenge. The other night I cooked one I found on Paleodietlifestyle.com and although it was quite tasty, the coconut in the pastry was a bit too sweet, so …