Hate Cooking?, Let the Oven Do it.

It’s been a while since I’ve done food on the blog but there’s a few people who have been asking about my paleo journey. Ok I’ve fallen off the wagon a little but Europe… beer and bread people… nuf said?

So it’s time to get right back to it. Super easy dinner ideas.

I’m all about the lazy cooking. I don’t enjoy it. For me it’s a daily chore I detest. I know Im supposed to enjoy creating for my family but I don’t because there’s always someone complaining about what I serve. *sigh* but with this meal everyone is happy. And it’s so easy because the oven does all the work.

Sweet potato fries are the easiest thing ever and the kids fight for the very last one. Just peel and slice those badboys and put them in a dish and shake olive oil over them and a sprinkle of paprika and some salt and into the oven they go!

Asparagus is a super yummy food but it makes your pee smell weird. Strange fact!

I like to make them with bacon, so again in an oven dish…. asparagus and chopped up bacon and a little oil but they mostly cook in the bacon fat, super yummy!

photo 1-4

The newest menu addition is honey baby carrots. I like them best when they’re a little burned….. preparation zero, just open the packet, throw them in an oven dish coat with oil and honey… sprinkle with salt…

photo 4-3

Oh yeah, the fried onions… don’t forget the fried onions.

photo 2-3

So while all that is cooking I get to chill out, seriously the oven does ALL the work. At the very last minute the King comes down and cooks the steaks and voila we have a paleo meal to die for that even the kids love!


photo 5-3

What’s on your plate tonight?

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  1. I literally just had to wipe drool from my chin. That looks amazing! So the carrots are in one dish baking, the other veggie mixture is in a dish baking, and the onions cook on the stove….right? What kind of steak do you guys buy? I never know what to purchase if I’m making it myself. I’m a red meat novice like a mofo. Used to not eat it at all but now I love it…but still don’t cook it at home much. Just starting with ground beef. Anyway, thanks for a great idea!

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      ok so the onions were the King’s addition. I hate frying shit cos it makes my cooktop messy and the cleaner just finished .. but whatever. Those steaks were filets but I like new york strips.The King like porterhouse. We have a great organic butcher kinda right next door so that helps 🙂 I’m an oven girl ALL the way. I have tons of pyrex dishes and yes everything just goes in a pyrex with oil and salt.. and BOOM that happens… chin drool, you’re welcome!

  2. So where is smell-a-vision and taste-a-vision when I need it! I can’t wait to try this. I love how easy it is and it has bacon! No brainer there! Thanks for the ideas!

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