Mouthwatering Autumn Pork Recipe

I got inspired, I felt like cooking. It doesn’t happen a lot but when I do I get rather creative. This time I’m cooking pork tenderloin with Apple sauce, Roasted sweet potaotes and Bacon Asparagus. Now you know this is all going in the oven to do all the work cos that’s how I roll but here’s the preparation for you to duplicate. 😉

Finely chop 2 medium onions, begin sauteing them in olive oil, add 2 gloves of crushed garlic but keep heat low so they caramelise and don’t burn. Add 3-4 peeled and  sliced golden delicious apples sprinkle with a tblsp of brown sugar and a tsp of cinnamon. Let it cook on medium low heat until it gets soft. You may need to add a cup of water as it starts to cook down.



While thats cooking marinate the tenderloins. I used leftover apricot jam and some whole grain mustard, I also added a dash of pineapple-orange juice . I rubbed it all over the tenderloins and let it sit.marinated pork

The sweet potatoes, I drizzled with oil, cut long ways down the centre and sprinkled with paprika….

sweet potatoes

Lastly I chopped the bottoms off the asparagus and roughly chopped 3 slices of bacon and threw it in the dish. I drizzled it all with oil and into the oven for about an hour and fifteen minutes…. I’m cooking it slow, so I set the oven on 350f.

asparagus and bacon


Here’s the caramelised apple and onions……………….

cooked apple

Dinner is served, my friends…..What are you eating tonight?



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