Life Gets Messy

I went to court yesterday, I know, shocking… but it wasn’t for me, I was a character witness for someone in family court being falsely accused in a messy family breakdown.

It was my first ever time in court, well ok I went because of a licensing fine on Sir Lickalot years ago but this was different. I was asked to give my account and truths about a friend whose life has been ripped out from underneath him. What a horrible place family court is. It’s so sad and intimidating and feral and gross.

As it turned out I wasn’t required to enter the courtroom and didn’t have to speak but the judge was informed there were 6 people waiting the attest to the good character of this person. That seemed to be enough to swing the case his way in the best way possible.

The things that kept running through my mind for the 4 hours we sat in the lobby of the courts. How does it come to this? How do people who once loved each other enough to make a life together and produce children end up hating each other and making up lies just to score points? It makes me sad.

But it also makes me glad I have a secure, loving relationship. It makes me grateful for all that I have and all that we sacrifice to enjoy this life together.

I will never take it for granted.Never take what you have

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