Hello 2016, I mean 2018

After two entire years of writing nothing on my blog for fear of vilification during the controversial 2016 election year, I’ve come back to feel out if I had the heart to start again, and there it was, my very last draft post, waiting patiently to join the ranks of internet opinions, it feels like it could have been written last week:

Did I just fall into a time warp loop?

Here it is, January 2016. Wasn’t it just January 2015? Time is just going so fast.

Life is marching on, we’re crazy busy and I’ve not been keeping up writing. There are several reasons really.

I have other distractions, I feel like I have nothing to say that won’t get me in trouble. So much is going on in the US right now that it’s all I can do to not turn into some ranting crazy, adding my opinion to the internet.

What’s really sad is that, as a foreigner living in America, I can see what’s happening with different eyes.

We’ve lived through gun control, the implementation of universal healthcare other things America is furiously arguing about…

And so in 2018, we’re still fighting about healthcare and gun control, 10’s of thousands more have died as a result of not fixing either. I’m still not sure I want to delve back into the level I previously committed to, but maybe it’s time to stand up for what’s right and good.

Or maybe I’ll steer clear of the real discussions, it’s hard to tell at this point, being an immigrant and all, do my opinions even count?



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