10 Ways to Organise A Teen

So it has become apparent that Grand Master D has no organisations skills. None, zip, nada. Yeah I know I should have seen this coming but honestly, I had no idea they weren’t teaching this stuff in school, because that makes sense right. That’s where they are 8 hours a day, surely in that time there would be some instruction …

Almost Done!

Today has been filled with busy end of year stuff. Firstly, checking Grand Master D into his week of intense film study and then heading back to school for Miss Gremlin’s award ceremony. She’s awesome, suited herself up like this for the occasion.  

I am a Mama Bear

I went Mama Bear on a kid the other day. I happened to be at the school delivering Grand Master D‘s lunch and saw Miss Gremlin lined up. She looked a little sad but I let it go. Then a teacher called me over and told me a girl was kicking her at lunch time.

Edging toward Homeschool- Somebody please Stop me!

Homeschooling is the current buzz word. But it’s a scary word……It conjures up Laura Ingalls dress wearing, husband sharing, religious freak images….Doesn’t it? It’s for people on the fringe of society, those who think mainstream isn’t for them. And for the most part they are teased, the brunt of jokes and ostracised by society…….I’m guilty of it. No doubt. But …