It’s Valentine’s Day, So why does it feel creepy?

So the 14th is almost upon us again. The day for lovers …. St Valentine’s day. The Victoria Secret catalogues are coming in thick and fast, so why are the children at school making cards for it? It’s creepy.
When did it become a holiday for kids to make cards for everyone? I hate that commercialism has taken over and ruined it. Actually no,  it’s not even the commercialism because sexy presents are fun.

So why are we involving children at all? Except for maybe the making of them… 🙂

Supplying gifts for the whole class, Valentine’s cupcakes, pencils, candy, goodie bags, Valentine’s day bake sales… it’s WEIRD. What about when it gets all political in the classroom, so and so didn’t get enough cards, the popular kids got them all, feelings get hurt and then we have to go and make everyone feel special.  As if teachers don’t have enough to do without navigating that. I have a problem with it. St Valentine’s day is a day for romantic love,  for lovers, and Lovers are adults, or should be. Romantic love should be revered by those who have it, marriages should be celebrated on that day, lovers should celebrate each other, spend time, go out on dates and be together. In my mind it’s not children making their parents cards and cards for their friends and teachers and making it a ‘friend’ holiday, that’s just odd.

It’s probably me and I’m sure it’s all  been done for so long that it’s just accepted here in American culture but it’s still weird. I know, I know,  I’m being a Valentine’s grinch but I really find it creepy. I just do.

Am I being weird?

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  1. You are not just being weird! The whole exchanging of “valentines” that I purchased at the store and had to force Sonny Boy to sit down and write his friends names on is annoying too.

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  2. to the extent that parents have to feel the need to bring all that kind of crap into school for their kids, yea…it’s weird. and definitely agreed on the commercialism. i can’t stands it any more.

    it’s one thing if the kids want to hand out stupid lil valentines cards to each other. but, when it gets beyond that? then, enough is enough.

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  3. I totally agree: Valentine’s Day is for lovers not kids. But I try to encourage everyone to never buy flowers on or the day before Valentine’s Day, because the cost is just horrendous. Let’s all postpone VD by a week or celebrate a week early, when prices are still somewhat normal.

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  4. I was one of those unpopular kids who didn’t get valentines! I wrote about it in this week’s humor blog: What’s Wuv Got to Do With It?

    Found you on Menopausal Momma! I\’m a fellow New Yorker, currently displaced in Florida!

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