10 Ways to Organise A Teen

So it has become apparent that Grand Master D has no organisations skills. None, zip, nada. Yeah I know I should have seen this coming but honestly, I had no idea they weren’t teaching this stuff in school, because that makes sense right. That’s where they are 8 hours a day, surely in that time there would be some instruction on how to organise yourself to be a successful student. Well surprise….. that hasn’t happened, along with not learning to write like a grown up but that’s another topic. So we find ourselves with a 13 year old who seriously cannot organise a pie in a bakery!

organisational skills

I find myself looking for ways to teach organisation. I’m organised, I’m never late but I’ve always been like that and I guess it’s because my mother was ALWAYS late… which has carried over and probably the root cause of my travel anxiety but that’s another confession 😛

Now I am furiously looking for ways to teach him to be punctual and organised.

I am going to attempt to list 10 ways  here in no particular order of preference.

  1. Buy a shit ton of fun organisational products on Amazon like a whiteboard day calendar, folders for homework only to discover he refuses to use that stuff.
  2. Make step by step charts for every activity. Create lists. They love being treated like they’re 5. NOT
  3. Follow up with him for everything he does. The naggier the better.
  4. Let him fail. My current default but since the nasty school letter I have to do something.
  5. Chase him out of the house with a big stick even if he’s not completely dressed. Yes I have done this.
  6.  Yell at him, swear, get frustrated and feel really bad after he’s gone. This happens most weekday mornings.
  7. Discuss the need for promptness until blue in the face. What do you mean blue isn’t becoming on me?
  8. Add monetary reward when he actually gets it right. What, that’s wrong?
  9. Blow it all totally out of proportion just like the school does and then complain about how the school blows it all out of proportion.
  10. Ask the King to get up at 6:30 to help ,wait what?! I’m crazy but I’m not stupid…..
  11. Chill the fuck out, it’ll be fine and he’ll work it out eventually… try to breathe and not get so wound up.

So this is my step by step plan. Should work right? I’ll keep you posted but if you have some better ideas I’m willing to try them.


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  1. I like it Moll Moll – all of it. It’s exactly what I’ve done. The best but hardest is to chill about it. It’s impossible. No kid of mine is going to be disorganized. Yeah right. And I save their arses all the time..bad huh? The absolute best is a “make a list”…works for me. It feels achievable as they check those things off that list. Claire grew into being organised, perhaps watching me. Laura’s a nightmare. Says she’s too busy to be organized – she needs a list!

  2. Best of luck! #10 seems like it has to work, right? I’ve been guilty of #6 more times than I’d like to admit – so that’s why I’m trying to embrace the “chill out. It will all work out” philosophy 🙂

  3. OMG, I’m right there with you. Mine is 16 and is way less organized than his sister, although he’s gotten a bit better than he was at 13, so there’s hope for yours yet. Lately I’m of the camp of “Let them fail” as it seems to be the only way they learn anything. As their mom, I KNOW NOTHING anymore, so it’s useless for me to try and educate them on how to do stuff. Hang in there. My older sisters keep telling me they get better and then when they’re in there 20’s they’re really nice and lovey dovey again. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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  4. Though it can be learned, some degree of organization id genetic I fear (I got short-changed on that gene myself). Plus I think it’s worse for teen boys, plus trying to make someone organized is like trying to make someone musical, or artistic. It’s all about coping strategies for him and you… Good luck!!

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