For the Love of Saint Valentine

This year is screaming along at a pace I wasn’t expecting. Here it is the last week of January. How did we get here?

Next week is February, the month of love.

Do you partake in the Valentine tradition? Are you all gushy and need to show your Valentine you love them on February 14? Don’t get me wrong, I love affection and gushy stuff but we don’t need to spend money for that, even though the stores sure want you to!

Valentine’s Day, the day where a dozen red roses costs $100 instead of $10 and a $2 Walmart bear costs $35 cos it’s holding a red heart. A day when you can’t get a table at a restaurant to save yourself and the babysitting rates are sky high, if you can get one. The only day that rivals it is New Years Eve.

If you’re lucky enough to be with the one you love, if you share your life with your soul mate, isn’t every day Valentine’s Day? Isn’t everything you do together a gesture of love? The packing of the dishwasher, the offer to put the kids to bed, the passing comment of sex later, which may or may not transpire but the thought of it shows love and connection..

Sure Valentine’s day is fun, it’s goofy and and a great big money making venture but those who are in love, been in love for a while, don’t need overpriced dead flowers to prove it. 🙂

It’s for young lovers, dates and teenagers. Right?!

I can tell you right now, I’m not getting any flowers… unless I buy them myself 😛 I might get take out though 🙂

SO here’s what I don’t understand, why are the kids in elementary school giving their whole class Valentine’s Day cards? Is this how it’s supposed to be? Am I wrong? Does this seem appropriate?

He’s the Patron Saint of courtly love….. well according to wikipedia , so does it seem appropriate that little children profess their undying, courtly love to their teacher? Or their 8 yo friends? It’s a little creepy and sending a totally mixed message. Especially with all the inappropriate behaviour these days. Teachers aren’t supposed to even touch their young charges. I just find it all a bit odd.

When I was a kid, clearly eons ago, Valentine’s day was for the Lovers, no one gave me a Valentine’s day card, we didn’t hand out gifts…. It wasn’t a child celebration. End of story.

But of course how can the retail sector make a shitillion dollars if they don’t rope the children in, or the parents, who feel the need to have the children be part of this…

Do your children participate?     Am I out of step?    Am I the mean parent?…………..It wouldn’t be the first time.


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  1. I did it in school. I’ll go along with whatever the boy’s school does, when the time comes. I’m pretty indifferent. Now, as for me… Years ago, my husband complained that Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about love and romance, but it’s really just about spoiling women. So we started trading years. I get the traditional spoiling on odd years, he gets it for the even years. So I I have to make a lobster-tail-stuffed filet mignon wrapped in bacon every 700-and-something days, but he can’t complain about taking me out for tapas this year. Win-win.

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