Single parenting, if only for the weekend

We’re on our own for the next 5 days. The King is in Spain on business.

It is interesting how the family dynamic changes when someone is absent. For us, it’s a bit of fun, a change in the routine.We eat easy meals. I get to choose the viewing AND hold the tv remote but for many it’s an everyday life. Statistically the divorce rate has never been higher and women are choosing to have babies and raise children on their own. Young girls are finding themselves pregnant and alone. Single parenting is everywhere.

It must be so hard to be a single parent, having no help. I have great respect for those who do it alone, no matter what the reason. I’m sure there are many problems that single parents tackle daily that I couldn’t even think of. I imagine it would be very lonely, not having anyone to share decisions with. Never getting a break, especially if you have low income and can’t afford a babysitter.

The pressure of having to be the sole support for your children financially would be a strain. I have friends I see struggle every day to keep things going for their families. It saddens me but I know they love their children and do the very best they can.

Could there be an upside? I suppose there could be. Not having to disagree about decisions you might make for the children. Not having to consider another person’s opinions. These seem frivolous though. I wonder if anyone really wants to be alone doing this tough job called parenting. I certainly couldn’t imagine it without a partner.

I am thankful everyday to have a husband who loves and supports me as we get through this parenting thing together. Even if I’m loving having the king size bed to myself. 🙂

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