My week long carb breakout…

Paleo eating has come up in discussions a lot lately due to my ever diminishing self. I have been eating that way for about 6 weeks. I have previously written about it. I feel great and can see the changes in myself daily. I am sleeping better, feel more rested , less stressed, have clearer skin and am continuing to lose the weight I started shedding in mid 2011.

However this week I have been craving carbs. I decided when I started losing weight that I wasn’t going to be silly or annoying about it and if I wanted to have something I would. That way I am able to satisfy the craving and still stick to my diet.  It’s been more of a lifestyle change than a diet and losing the weight slowly, I believe, is better because you have more chance of keeping it off.

I have noticed that when I do have the carbs I feel sluggish. I also get hungry faster when I eat them but I just wanted to eat toast, garlic bread, pasta and spoonfuls of stuffing. Go figure. Sometimes you just need to give in to it. I’m still resisting the jam donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts around the corner though.

With all the breaking out I did, I seem to have satisfied the craving, which is great, so I’m back to paleo cooking.

I love trying new recipes and there are so many available. It’s fun to find things you can substitute for your favourite carb food. Yesterday we had Sang Choy Bow. So easy and very tasty.Tonight I made italian meatballs for the kids. Packed full of veges too.

I’m looking forward to baking paleo. I’ve heard you can make some very tasty treats. I’ll keep you posted.

Recipe links:

Paleo Sang Choy Bow
Paleo Meatballs

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