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This article is probably going to be a little more personal than I would have hoped but I want to share the information I’ve learned and how it’s helped me. If I can help even one person, it’s worth it.

I have come to the realisation that I have suffered for many years with mild depression. I had postpartum after both children although it was only diagnosed and treated after baby number 2. As with most sufferers, major events in my life tend to trigger it.

It comes and goes but there’s always an underlying feeling.

Moving to America was a big one- we’ll have a coffee together another day for that story!

I have only ever had medication to treat depression once and that was during the diagnosed postpartum. However with the loss of my dad suddenly last july and coping with trying to support my mother from 16,000 miles away, along with my own grief, I was in such a state by Christmas, that I felt I again needed medical support.

The King, totally against anti-depressants, really wanted to look for an alternative. We did some research and discovered that high omega 3 fish oil was deemed beneficial. We found a pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 fish oil product called Omegavia.

As an experiment I agreed to take this and see how it went. Within 2 weeks I felt much better, adjusting the dose to suit.

2200mg a day works for me. I’m a small person so that was enough. As a side note it has also helped my dry hair, nails and psoriasis.

The king was also taking omegavia for elevated triglycerides (versatile little pill really) and his doctor recommended niacin to assist in that too.Niacin, it was suggested could also help me, so I began taking it. The ability of both supplements to help me feel more normal have been wholeheartedly accepted.

I’ve been taking the flush free, slow release pills but have discovered they can be harmful to the liver. (article below will explain)

We’d heard about the niacin flush you can get but hadn’t experienced it.

We have now purchased pills which produce the flush! The flush is good for you as it flushes the system of toxins, although is described as a little uncomfortable lasting approx. 10 minutes.

The King took a pill to try them and within 20 mins he was hot to touch, flushed red all over and itchy. This is caused by the niacin increasing the blood flow though your veins and capillaries. The effects went away after about 40 mins. The first one is always the worst. He felt great afterwards and extremely relaxed.

Well yesterday I thought I would give it a go. Please keep in mind the king is more than twice my weight.

This is where it gets interesting! It took about 20 mins to take effect and when it came on it was a very strange feeling indeed. It felt like I had bad sunburn and it was itchy. Then it started to hurt. My skin felt like I had taken a laundry scrubbing brush to it with solvol soap! I thought it was as bad as it could get until I got incredibly cold then hot at the same time. I tried having a cool shower, which helped a little and then put moisturiser on my skin to help calm it down. This also helped. I then curled up on the couch with a warm feeling inside but bone chillingly cold for a time. It was strange to be warmed like that from the inside but comforting just the same.

The effects slowly receded but took about 4 hours!

Fear NOT, all the literature I’ve read says it’s not dangerous.

I think the dose was too high for my size but I am going to try again with a smaller amount. I have certainly read a lot of articles touting the benefits so I don’t want to discount it because of one experience.

I did feel very relaxed and we were able to laugh about the whole experience, so no harm, no foul right?

I would still recommend trying it out because I understand how it would work on the toxins in the body and from the articles I’ve read the flush gets less each time and eventually disappears.

Taking the omega 3 since Christmas has been enormously helpful to my depressive mood and I can definitely recommend that! As for the niacin, I believe it will be good, if I can just get the flush reduced to the normal reaction. Either way I haven’t needed to take harmful medication with all those concerning side effects and that’s a bonus in my book.

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  1. I hadn’t heard of the niacin flush. It sounds weird, but if it works, that is what counts. Do you take other vitamins? I hate taking pills, but I do notice a difference in my mood when I am taking them.

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      no I’m not a big vitamin girl either. I will take evening primrose and a b complex but mostly as long as I keep taking the Omegavia fish oil I can function….

  2. I hadn’t heard about either of those things, but I’m always looking for natural means to treat ailments. The flush thing seems rather unpleasant, but is there a dosage chart on the bottle?

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  3. Hey Molley! Thank you so much for linking up with Your Place again. I had never thought of taking natural remedies to battle my depression. I’m on antidepressants that are causing me to gain weight, and you’re right that there are many scarier side effects. I’m going to look into the fish pills, although the niacin sounds a bit frightening! I’m glad that they are helping you, though. You deserve to be happy!

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      When you buy fish oli it must be pharmaceutical grade, which is why we searched and found the Omegavia. I would love to hear about your experience if you do decide to try it. Of course please be sure to follow doctor recommendations and don’t stop your meds cold turkey, you must come off them slowly.Good luck.

  4. I agree with Xiomara, you deserve to be happy. I can relate to the “underlying feeling” being a constant companion. I’ve been trying to make friends with it. I’ve not heard of the niacin flush–interesting–and thanks for posting the links.

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