Boys to Men

Grand Master D is in 6th grade and has started want to walk home with his friends after school. This is great. They are a good bunch of boys and they all live in a small block radius. He has an iPhone  so I can check in with him if he’s getting a bit late.

They like to call into the local bakery or supermarket for a snack on their way. Some times he has to bring his sister home but most of the time I pick her up so he can have his guy time on the way home from school.
I find this a strange time, although I love that he’s growing up and gaining independence, it also freaks me out that he’s on the streets alone. Our neighborhood has been known to be less than safe at times…but we can’t keep him in a bubble, we have to teach him to be responsible and to be aware of his surroundings. When you are aware then you can often predict if there is danger or a situation ready to arise.

Still it’s a funny feeling watching the clock ,waiting for him to walk in the door. I wonder does it ever get any easier?

My dad used to tell me he’d lay awake at night waiting to hear the car drive up the driveway, often asleep by the time I got in the door but relaxed to know I was safely home. He would make comment the next day about being tired because I was out until 3am!!! It makes me smile now but it irked me no end at 18 and 19.

I guess I will wait for the subway train and the elevator in the future. But for now I slowly, slowly let the reins go. God I hope I’ve taught him well!

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