Grrrrrrr………….The Sunday night homework cram.

We’ve had this conversation over and over. I thought we were done with it. The deal was get your homework done Friday night or early Saturday morning so it’s finished and not hanging around to interfere with our weekend. Things were going quite well.

Both Grand Master D and Miss Gremlin having been getting it done. However tonight I discover Grand Master D had a #fail this weekend. He had a math sheet, a 2 page free write and a letter to a 5th grader explaining the 6th grade experience which he had to catch up from Wednesday. At 6:30 Sunday night he admits it’s not done, in fact it’s not even half done. Well, I didn’t let him have it, I calmly asked him what was the deal? He had a free weekend and stayed up late both nights watching movies. His silence told me he had no excuse. I let him marinate in it for a little bit then I quietly said “Well that’s disappointing mate”. He hung his head. No repercussions required. I told him he’d have to go to bed on time as tomorrow was Monday and that he’d just have to get up early. No fight, no yelling. Just a fact that his lack of responsibility will cause him pain tomorrow. Not sure how much he has left, could be a 5:30am start for him. So be it. You can’t save them, they have to do the work or suffer the consequences. I know he’s mad at himself. He’ll do better next weekend 🙂

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