Sticks and Stones

The image below caught my eye today. With so much bullying going on in our schools and even work places, I thought it was a great reminder to choose your words wisely. This story was on Live with Kelly Rippa mid last year, I have heard it circulating for a while.

Amazon trade-in

The second batch of cd’s and first batch of dvd’s is shipping today to the amazon trade in store. We’re so interested in what amazon plans to do with all these used items.  In the mean time its a great little money maker. Especially if you don’t use them anymore.

Never chase a toddler!

I had a conversation with a young mum recently who said she was having trouble with her 1 yo running from her and laughing, wanting to be chased. We talked for a bit and I conveyed my reasons against it. When my kids were small, good behaviour was very important. Manners, no tantrums and first time obedience was what I …

Quick bathroom cleaner

Ok hands up if you love to clean the bathroom? NO? me either and if you have several then I know your pain! I haven’t found a single ‘bathroom’ cleaning product that actually works the way it promises. How many times have you bought something that promises to get rid of the mould and soap scum only to find that …

#Parent fail

Miss Gremlin and I were getting ready to go to her taekwondo class, when she couldn’t find her uniform pants. I went from zero to angry in 3.6 seconds flat because as usual I assumed because she never puts stuff away properly, that they must be is some obscure place. So time is ticking, we’re heading for the gonna be …

Tidy rooms

My kids’ bedroom just kills me. I really think that there is just too much stuff in there and we need to go crazy with a clean out but it’s not just that, they are little piggies. I try to stay on top of it and get them cleaning up but by the end of the week it’s tragic.

Computer time

This is an interesting issue and I’m sure many parents have to figure out how to deal with it.  [amazon_link id=”B007CKQMPI” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Computer[/amazon_link] access for your kids. How much is too much? There are so many differing points of view.