#Parent fail

Miss Gremlin and I were getting ready to go to her taekwondo class, when she couldn’t find her uniform pants. I went from zero to angry in 3.6 seconds flat because as usual I assumed because she never puts stuff away properly, that they must be is some obscure place. So time is ticking, we’re heading for the gonna be late point.

I look under the bed because she likes to sleep with her favorite things, her can be quite a sight some times, but no pants. I go thought the closet for the third time and finally strip down her entire bed……..nothing! Where the #^* can they, be? Then I have an aha moment, so while Miss Gremlin searches the dress up box, I go upstairs and just for fun check my laundry pile which I haven’t had the chance to put into the closet. I quickly scan for anything white and tada, taekwondo pants! I quickly come down stairs, head hung low, bottom lip out and hold them up for Miss Gremlin to see. She laughs through her tears, I hug her and apologize, she finishes getting ready and we leave the house marveling at mummy’s fail all the way to the studio.

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