Sticks and Stones

The image below caught my eye today. With so much bullying going on in our schools and even work places, I thought it was a great reminder to choose your words wisely.

This story was on Live with Kelly Rippa mid last year, I have heard it circulating for a while.

Its a great visual lesson about bullying . I got the txt from here but the story is easily searched with “crumpled paper bullying.”

“The teacher gave each student a clean crisp sheet of paper. She then instructed the class to crumble up the piece of paper, toss it around, get angry with it, and stomp on it.

After which, she told the students to return to their seats (with their piece of paper), flatten it out on the top of their desks, making it as flat and perfect as they can, and finally, apologize to the paper.

When all the students had done their best to iron out the paper and apologize to it, the teacher picked up the paper on the first classmates desk, held it up so the entire class could see it and said:

If this piece of paper had been another person, and you had done all those things to him or her, by making them feel less than perfect (through your words or actions), these are the scars you would leave. That person would never be the same, no matter how many times you tell them you are sorry, no matter how many times you try to smooth things out…”
Please share with your children. Bullying is never ok!

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