Tidy rooms

My kids’ bedroom just kills me. I really think that there is just too much stuff in there and we need to go crazy with a clean out but it’s not just that, they are little piggies. I try to stay on top of it and get them cleaning up but by the end of the week it’s tragic.

They just seem to collect crap on the floor everywhere around the edges. An odd sock here, dirty tissue there, headless lego men, it all adds up then all of a sudden it’s a little rats nest and I’m going nuts at them on a Sunday to clean up! There I am working on a Sunday again. When they clean it up they do a good job but I need to figure out how to get them to keep it clean all the time.
I need an organizational guru to come and give me ideas how to change the space and ways to keep it tidier. I want them to be tidy people, they’ll have partners one day and they will need to learn before then.

This is one time where leading by example ISN’T working. The King is OCD, so you know he wants things lined up like Monk! I have those tendencies but have gotten more relaxed over the year since having children. Life is too short to stress over housework but a level of tidiness would be nice.

Going minimalist in the kids bedroom is going to be necessary, I can see it but I am gonna need a lot of coffee, a couple of friends  and a whole pile of garbage bags to help I think.


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