Freakin’ Laundry

It has been said by those who shall remain nameless that I have a little obsession. It is said I love to do laundry, I’m always doing laundry, Molley and her laundry. So just to clear this up I detest freakin’ laundry. That being said I do A LOT of laundry.

Quick bathroom cleaner

Ok hands up if you love to clean the bathroom? NO? me either and if you have several then I know your pain! I haven’t found a single ‘bathroom’ cleaning product that actually works the way it promises. How many times have you bought something that promises to get rid of the mould and soap scum only to find that …

#Parent fail

Miss Gremlin and I were getting ready to go to her taekwondo class, when she couldn’t find her uniform pants. I went from zero to angry in 3.6 seconds flat because as usual I assumed because she never puts stuff away properly, that they must be is some obscure place. So time is ticking, we’re heading for the gonna be …

Tidy rooms

My kids’ bedroom just kills me. I really think that there is just too much stuff in there and we need to go crazy with a clean out but it’s not just that, they are little piggies. I try to stay on top of it and get them cleaning up but by the end of the week it’s tragic.