Reasons I know I’m NOT married to a Sensitive New Age Guy ….

SNAG’s wanna help with kids and stuff:

Yeah not in this house. Of course if I ask him, the King will willingly help me but it’s not on his radar to offer. He doesn’t think I need it because apparently, I look like I have it under control. I guess that’s a compliment but if I showed how I was really going some of the time then he’d probably want to buy me my very own straight jacket.ย Purple, I like purple.

SNAG’s want to give you foot massages and talk about your feelings:

OMG I just snot laughed on my own keyboard! We talk about feeling, sure…….Did you just see that flying pig?

Feelings are for girlfriends. Just deliver the information already and I’ll fix it :). Ok that was harsh and not entirely true. We talk about feelings, every third thursday of the full moon on tatooine.

SNAG’s do housework:

The King just got me a cleaner, I don’t work-who needs housework help?

Being a SNAG is not natural:

I couldn’t imagine being a husband, the expectations are so high! Go to work, earn the money, but come home and help out at home, share the domestic duties equally.

We’re built differently, we really are. Men look at things a different way, they want to please us, they want to protect us and fix things for us but we want them to see things like us. THEY DON’T but they still love us. We have to remember that, just like they have to understand we like to talk about feelings and they should just let us.

Who needs a SNAG anyway?

But seriously ๐Ÿ™‚ I like manly men, I just do, so why do I need my man to do my job. We chose, well me, I chose not to work out of the home while the kids were young (may they never grow up) and so I do the lion’s share of the home duties. And that’s fine! ย The King works hard, long hours, for us. I work hard long hours too. He doesn’t expect me to help him with his work, why should I expect it of him?

As a team we do things together in a balance that works and over the last few years he’s become far more involved in the family day to day stuff. I appreciate that for sure. Is he ever gonna be a house husband? No. Do I want that? No. What we have works for us and works well. I even got over the fact he wants to cook dinner several times a week. He doesn’t dislike my cooking, he’s helping ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t have a SNAG and I’m ok with that.

How does it look in your family? Do you both work? Are you a SAHM or the main breadwinner? There’s no right or wrong. It’s just what works best for you.

I still like purple.




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  1. I’m a SAHM and I agree about doing most of the work at home. My husband works long hours as well. I even deal with the day-to-day finances. I prefer him to come home and spend time with our daughter. There are certain things that I leave to him, like electronics and fixing things, though. It’s just more time efficient! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. My husband works at a paying job; I don’t. He likes to talk about everything; I don’t. He likes to drive; I don’t. He likes to eat out; I let him take me out.

    It works for us.

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  3. I am a part-time teacher (I work Mondays and Tuesdays) and a part-time SAHM. It really is like the best of both worlds. On the days that I work, my husband is home. On the days that I am home, my husband works. So, I guess, he is a SAHD part-time, too. He does everything outside, and I do everything inside. We live in FL, and I don’t like to do anything that makes me sweat so I am pretty pleased with that arrangement. I even turn the air down to vacuum just in case! He handles all the bills and checks and money-keeping business, and I handle all the laundry. Our friends tease us that we live a 1950’s household life, and I yell, “Bring on the apron!” We’re pretty flexible when we need help, though. You are right … it’s whatever works for your own family. ๐Ÿ™‚

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