Culinary Fail – It Happens to Us All

Learning to cook is hard, all the things you have to remember. Recipes, cooking temperature, how to cook each food but the most important thing about learning to cook is remembering you have something on the cooktop.

We’ve all been there. Let’s face it, at one time or another in our culinary careers, we’ve left a pot of rice to boil dry, we’ve forgotten something in the oven and set off the smoke detector. We’ve totally cremated toast!

It’s a rite of passage, it’s the first rung on the culinary ladder. The second rung is cleaning the pot.

Today, in this house, it was beans, simple pork and beans out of a can. For breakfast. Grand Master D had grand plans, starting off with cereal then moving to a delicious plate of pork and beans with some barbeque dipping sauce on the side.

He’s still learning.

He opened the can, poured them into the pot, put them on to cook and left. From where I was sitting, I could smell the aroma start to build, the tempting taste of pork and beans filling the room, the sweet smell of food being perfectly cooked , ready to be served.

………….. then I smelled the turn, that sickly sweet smell of the sugar burning on the bottom of the pot, I looked, thinking he was there attending to his cooking.

The kitchen was empty.

And right then I jumped up to check. The burning smell permeated the whole apartment, that horrible baked on smell. I called out, “You’re beans are burning”.
Having experienced this disaster before I immediately put it in the sink and filled with water to soak.
He ran from his room, shocked, ………………..bummed that he forgot, double bummed that I said “Have fun cleaning that !” 

And this is what he’ll be doing on and off all day, with hot water and soapy steel wool……. scrubbing and soaking until the pot is clean.

He won’t forget next time. You only ever do THAT once, unless you’re very forgetful and if that’s the case, then don’t cook 🙂


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  1. This is gold. Has happened to me before, unfortunately every time I move houses and test the stoves I seem to burn something. Good luck with the cleaning D!

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