Weekend Away

I had the opportunity this weekend to go to my friends home in the country for a girls weekend. We’ve been trying to plan it since last October, it was supposed to be my birthday treat. With all of us having such hectic schedules it has taken until now to get a mutually available date. As I was packing, it occurred to me that this is the first time I’ve ever had time away for me since we moved to America 7 years ago. Oh I’ve had a couple of trips home to Australia on my own but I don’t consider them breaks because of the travel and jet lag.
The relaxation was wonderful. No one asked anything of me and I slept until I woke up, ate what I wanted, when I wanted it. I found a little piece of heaven if only for 2 days.

Although my kids are getting older and don’t need me for everything they are still used to asking me for it and I have to remind them they are capable of helping themselves. I will be doing this more often because I really need some time to just be me and not have anyone depending on me.

Arriving home totally killed my buzz. I was expecting something different I suppose. Miss Gremlin was tired and whiny and didn’t like dinner. The school uniforms weren’t washed so I’m doing laundry at 9:30pm on sunday night. I cut my finger putting the trash out and I had to go get milk, bread and eggs from the store for breakfast…. Now I’m not complaining, just a little disappointed that I don’t even feel like I’ve been away.

My anxiety level has gone through the roof. Nobody’s fault but mine because I probably had  unrealistic expectations. It’s just unfortunate that all that relaxing went to waste. 🙁

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  1. I can sympathise with you totally! After listening to my partner for the past 6 months tell me what he has planned for “himself” over the course of the coming year, cricket trips, football trips, 40th Birthday parties interstate etc, I pretty much had a synapse implode in my head! It’s alright for him because, technically, his life hasn’t changed much. He’s been going about his life in exactly the same way as he did when he was single. I decided to get on the computer and book MYSELF a trip to Malaysia! Yep, thats right, I decided to go large. It’s been 8 years since I travelled abroad so to speak, on my lonesome. A year since I visited my home town and family. I understand the need to get away, make contact with friends, just do your own thing basically. Having a family shouldn’t mean giving up your life but it does end up being put on hold……………………….

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