Quick bathroom cleaner

Ok hands up if you love to clean the bathroom? NO? me either and if you have several then I know your pain! I haven’t found a single ‘bathroom’ cleaning product that actually works the way it promises. How many times have you bought something that promises to get rid of the mould and soap scum only to find that the only way this product will remove either is if you vigorously scrub down to you bare knuckles and get high as a kite in the process. Well, quite by accident, I discovered an end to this misery.

On this particular day the bathroom was so dirty that it was sending out resumes to scientific testing labs and I had no ‘bathroom’ cleaning product in the house. It was, for whatever reason, too hard to go and purchase some so I went with what I had-toilet cleaner, trusty old gel type squirt in the bowl cleaner. What’s the worst that could happen right? So I applied it by squirting high around the shower stall and then quickly spreading with a sponge so all areas were covered. I left it approx 5 mins, not wanting to cause any damage, then rinsed it off, no rubbing , no scrubbing, just a shower head rinse off. The results were stunning! All the caulking around the tub was brilliant white, like new, no sign of the black mould which had taken up permanent residence. The grout in between the tiles glistened and the tapware sparkled. What had I discovered?

I’ll tell you what, a 5 min sparkly bathroom cleaner for less than the cost of a latte and quicker than going out to buy one.


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