Freakin’ Laundry

It has been said by those who shall remain nameless that I have a little obsession. It is said I love to do laundry, I’m always doing laundry, Molley and her laundry. So just to clear this up I detest freakin’ laundry. That being said I do A LOT of laundry.

In my previous life when I had a washing line outside and the sun and breeze dried my clothes, I did find it therapeutic to hang it out and fold it straight off the line while enjoying the sunshine. I had a dedicated room for laundry, a place for the clothes horse and ironing board. All the latest appliances etc but most importantly a door to shut it all away and keep the rest of the house tidy.

Since moving to New York, the system is a little different, for some a lot different because their apartments don’t have washers or driers. For those people doing laundry must totally suck. You have to either take it to a laundromat and do it yourself, putting money in the machines or pay $1.00 a pound for someone to wash and fold it for you. Now maybe I’m strange but I don’t like the idea of someone else washing my knickers.

Lucky enough for me I have a washer and drier in my home so I have the ‘luxury’ of doing my laundry at home. It is just never ending though. I often marvel at how much 4 people generate in the space of 3-4 days. I think we must have too many clothes. I try to be conservative, not everything we wear needs washing every time we wear it but I am still doing it all the time. My new laundry room is a closet with a washer and drier in it. That’s it, no space for anything, certainly no room for a clothes horse or ironing board.

I’m trying to work out a way to cut down on the amount of laundry and the number of days I do it. At this point I have no clue how to do either. Maybe I need to wash everyday. This would work if I was home everyday but as I have a full schedule these days it just piles up.

This is what I had to deal with on monday morning. By thursday I’ll have the same amount and then friday the uniforms will need doing or I’m back to working on a sunday and you know how that amuses the King.

If I had the space I would hide it away….. better yet it could be time for a maid 🙂



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  1. I too freaken hate the laundry, never done (as in done), never dry, never folded, never put away. Always searching for something. Then there is the husband who is obsessed with washing towels. Towels don’t dry in humid Sydney without the dryer. I miss a good country clothes line. I miss the Hills hoist.

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