Amazon trade-in

The second batch of cd’s and first batch of dvd’s is shipping today to the amazon trade in store. We’re so interested in what amazon plans to do with all these used items.  In the mean time its a great little money maker. Especially if you don’t use them anymore.

It’s so great to find things around the house that are just taking up space which we can turn into money. We’ve started buying in bulk on amazon because it’s much cheaper and you don’t have to haul it home with the groceries. All the cleaner, paper and laundry supplies just get delivered in 2 days for free. Now with the trade in store we even have a credit for all those essentials.

When I open a bottle of laundry liquid or dishwasher powder, I write the date on it so I can see how long it’s taking to consume. That way I can time my reordering so we never run out. It’s the little things like this that can help a household budget.

My grandmother did this but on a smaller scale, she always had a spare on the top shelf and when she opened that one then the item went on the shopping list. We have forgotten how to be frugal over a time but in these economic times every little bit counts right?

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