Computer time

This is an interesting issue and I’m sure many parents have to figure out how to deal with it.  [amazon_link id=”B007CKQMPI” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Computer[/amazon_link] access for your kids. How much is too much? There are so many differing points of view. 

Well we’re smack bang in the middle of this issue.We are a computersentric household, we have one in almost every room! The King works from home and has 7 screens which are attached to 2 separate computers! The tv’s are hooked up to them so we can watch anything and everything any time we want! Netflix, hulu, any on demand tv shows, latest itunes released movies.  We do everything on computer. My laptop even sits on the kitchen counter while I’m cooking so I can refer to the online recipe I’ve found for dinner 🙂

I love technology and our children are very good at utilising it. Saturday morning sleep ins are lovely now Miss Gremlin can work the computer to watch something and keep herself entertained rather than coming to wake me up! However recently it has been taking over the kids free time. When checking on their homework progress I’m finding them on the computer when they should be studying. Of course it probably doesn’t help that we’ve just allowed them to get an online game called Minecraft but The King, who hates video games, checked it out and deemed it useful as it is a game where you create stuff, so it’s different to just blowing stuff up or killing things.

Im not sure yet what the best way to tackle it is because to be honest I enjoy the peace! I know that sounds selfish but I really am a person who needs time to myself. I never have and will never be my kids entertainment. They had to learn to entertain themselves. That doesn’t mean I don’t do things with them because of course I do but I’m not here to entertain them every minute of the day.

I will talk more about that little gem another time!

Being an avid reader, I love to obtain varied information on the best ways to tackle problems that come along in the parenting day to day. I don’t have any favourites, I just absorb all I can and use the knowledge I’ve gained that makes sense to fix the current problem.

I would be interested to hear how some of you have tackled this issue or if you’re like me-reluctant to give up the peace and quiet 🙂

This one will take some thinking.


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