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In November last year the Princess moved back to Sydney, she had been living in New York with us since December 2007. She came just before her 18th birthday, which is Australia is the legal drinking age. So imagine her chagrin when she comes of age a month later only to have 3 more years to wait! However

being a Mills and a resourceful young lass she found a workaround. For the first 2 years she lived in the apartment, sharing the bedroom with her siblings, Grand master D and Miss Gremlin. At times it was total chaos but we all managed to function well in our limited space. The princess got very good at sleeping through kid noises and creeping in during the wee hours. Just prior to her 21st birthday an opportunity came up for her to purchase her own apartment and she moved into her own space with none of those crazy rules imposed while living with us.
She returned to Australia to help her mum through some health issues, landed a great job and decided to stay. She has set her self up nicely in Sydney and has slipped right back into Aussie life.
We miss her and her little dog too.

The king and I communicate regularly via Facebook, stalking her every move 🙂 and Grand master D uses an iPhone app called voxer to chat with her. Miss Gremlin is missing her the most so we have started scheduling weekly family time on Skype. It’s good fun and we just really hangout over the internet. At Christmas time she stayed up until 4am on Skype with us so that she could watch the kids open presents and open a few for herself that had made their way to New York.

Technology has been great at keeping us close, now if I could just work out a way for her to Skype babysit we’d be set!

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