Things ‘Good’ Parents Never Say to their Kids………but secretly wish they could.

As we become parents, our lives are no longer our own. Our days of carefree, suiting yourself, doing whatever you want are over. Don’t kid yourself, it’s GONE. Once we have children, we have for at least 20 years, someone to think of and consider and provide for every moment. As children grow they become more self sufficient of course …

The Grammar Police

OMG! Working in a school with children is so interesting and frustrating at the same time. I work with kindergarten and 2nd grade each week and the way some of them speak is atrocious. “I don’t got no milk”. How do you even begin to work with that?

House Guests

Living in a different country affords you the dubious privilege of all manner of house guests. Anyone and everyone you’ve ever known wants to come to stay with you and visit the new country. Of course there are certain people who are welcome anytime, any place, best friends and family.

Grand Master D

Grand Master D has just headed off out the door to the movies with his friends. He’ll be out for hours, unsupervised with his friends. I’m not worried at all, nope not me. (quietly freaking out in the corner) What can possibly go wrong! He has a phone, knows his address and is very sensible. I really am pretty comfortable, …