A Little Bit of Conspiracy

Do you ever read material that freaks you out? I have been reading a lot of material about, food, cancer, vaccines, government strong arm tactics etc and the things I am finding are scaring the crap out of me. So much so I have to stop for a little while because I’m feeling myself becoming paranoid and I want to just run into the woods, build a house and go off the grid. 🙂

There are so many things that are wrong in our society and it’s all driven by big companies and profit with little to no regard for human cost or welfare.The more you look, the more you find. An example is an article I read about a texas family whose child was diagnosed with lymphoma and they wanted to seek alternative medicine. They believed, as I do, that conventional treatment of cancer is actually more damaging that the disease itself. Well this family have gone through hell because the doctors charged the family with medical neglect and child protective services took all their children away, forced chemotherapy onto the girl and refused the parents access to their child during treatment. Now if that doesn’t freak you out what does? How do we even fight something like that? Does this mean our rights mean nothing? It’s illegal to refuse to have your child poisoned?

Vaccinations are being forced on an unsuspecting public. It’s been proven time and again that some vaccines are in fact worse than the disease they are guarding against, not to mention that they contain mercury and other harmful chemicals. You have a right not to vaccinate, you also have a right to free education, however if you refuse to vaccinate your children you are told you cannot send your children to school. This is actually not the case but it is not publicised and most people don’t know so they just toe the line. This concerns me because they are talking about making gardasil (HPV vaccination) compulsory for 11-12 yo girls, even though there have been increased instances of bad side effects and related deaths. They even want boys to have it. Now that is just ludicrous. Boys don’t even have a cervix so how can they get cervical cancer? DUH.

I will not be vaccinating Miss Gremlin with the drug. I will be teaching her how to avoid contracting it instead. The vaccination doesn’t even cover all of the strains of HPV so why bother. My fear is that by the time she’s 11 there will be little choice.There are currently bills in the NY senate trying to make it compulsory. Although I will fight hard because I don’t believe it’s necessary. HPV is treatable and takes a long time to develop into cervical cancer.

When Grand Master D had to have his DTap booster this year it was terrible. He had 10 days off school with fever and headaches. He was given the adult dose because that is what is scheduled. He’s not even close to adult size. I was furious this happened. I have since read articles of other children having similar reactions.

It’s the second time I’ve been strong armed here in the US into unnecessary vaccinations. When Grand Master D was 5 he had to have extra vaccinations because his 1 yr old shots were given 6 days before his first birthday and they couldn’t be entered into the computer. How insane, he was covered but bureaucracy overruled it. In fact it could have been more dangerous because he was effectively having extra doses.When Miss Gremlin was required to have a second varicella shot, I refused saying she’d had one AND got chicken pox from it, so insisted on a blood test for immunity instead. She had a high level of immunity of course.With each instance I’m getting wiser and from now on I will fight everything because I now know there are options.Being informed is so important.

We are being over immunised for little gain. Half the diseases have died out to an extend anyway and therefore all the vaccination is doing is making billions for the drug companies and affecting countless thousands of individuals.

Free speech is being eroded, our food is full of pesticides, hormones and fillers.Traditional farmers are being arrested at gunpoint and their live stock slaughtered. Producers of raw milk are treated like criminals. None of these actions are for the benefit of the people and better health. It’s all about big profit. GMO’s are going to be our normal. Natural food will be gone, natural ways to grow food and produce animals for consumption will be outlawed. All of this is going on now and the mainstream media is not reporting any of it.

Do you know it took almost a month before the New York local media even covered the Occupy Wall St protests? It wasn’t until international sources started reporting about it that it even got any airtime.

Here’s a kicker, we all know about thalidomide and the terrible birth defects it caused in the 50’s and 60’s. Well I read an article that has it back on the market for treatment of leprosy and AIDS among other conditions. Did we not learn our lesson?

Maybe this all sounds like conspiracy hogwash, why would we be made guinea pigs, why would the government play with our health? Do your own research, be informed. Question everything.  I will no longer be led blindly because it’s what we’re expected to do. Government power is getting too big and our rights are being eroded before our very eyes.

Ok that’s my conspiracy rant …… I feel better now. Watch out for those aliens hiding among us though 🙂

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