House Guests

Living in a different country affords you the dubious privilege of all manner of house guests. Anyone and everyone you’ve ever known wants to come to stay with you and visit the new country. Of course there are certain people who are welcome anytime, any place, best friends and family.

Sometimes you find yourself in a position where you have guests you didn’t expect. I don’t mind at all, I enjoy all manner of company but The King does not enjoy sharing his space. He doesn’t like to stay at other people’s homes either.

When I know people are coming I always send an extensive list of needs so as to get some tastes of the homeland. I just tell the impending guest it’s “rent”. So far it’s worked a treat, my timtams, vegemite and nurofen plus supply is ferried in by all manner of “mules” 🙂 Consider yourself warned.

We went through a stage where we had so many house guests that the kids would get up in the morning and there’d be a person sleeping in the pull out bed  and they wouldn’t know who it was. I always try to let them know now so they don’t get worried, although they are used to it anyway.

It’s all part of the “rent” at Planet-Mills, having the kids check you out while you sleep and TD the dog getting on you in the mornings. Let’s not mention the feel up at the airport 🙂 Yep it’s still a darn sight cheaper than a New York hotel. Seems reasonable to me!


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