The Grammar Police

OMG! Working in a school with children is so interesting and frustrating at the same time. I work with kindergarten and 2nd grade each week and the way some of them speak is atrocious. “I don’t got no milk”. How do you even begin to work with that? And I hear things like that all the time. Last week I corrected a 6th graded who said “My pen don’t work”. Really, 6th grade? I feel like the grammar police but it is very important to speak correctly. You sound uneducated when you don’t. Unfortunately the art of grammar is losing it’s grip. The skills of the past, manners and grammar among others are just being left behind and we’re becoming or should I say have become people only concerned about the here and now and ourselves. It’s a sad world in that regard.

I’m gonna do what I can to make sure my children always use their manners and speak properly.

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