Random Thoughts that Couldn’t Make it on Their Own as a Grown Up Post

Do you ever loose track of the days? Like really convince yourself it’s a day that it’s not? Well I did last week and no one could convince me otherwise!

not friday

You know when Thursday just has the Friday feel? I couldn’t work out why people weren’t #ff on twitter and how come the Friday movie we were going to watch wasn’t on. No #wineparty. I was completely messed up. It didn’t help that the kids were off school. Usually I can gauge the days by the kids but sometimes still get confused because now I work from home the days all meld into one. This one threw me.

I have issues. Yes Sir.

Let me continue my confession by admitting I’m not perfect, I know, mental image shattered… I’m sorry but I am developing quite a talent and it’s coming along so well that it may be close to perfection…And damn it, I’m pretty proud!

I’ll take special talents for $200 thanks Alex.

I went searching through the fridge looking for something and came across a rotten metal bowl of grapes, some slimy cantaloupe, 3 boxes of rock hard takeout rice, a container with 2 spoons of Thai Basil Chicken from Sunday night and this gem below…..

rotten tomato

I’m going with ‘What is… tomato paste from the Jurassic era, Alex’. Perhaps I should do a check list of refrigerator contents on a more regular basis. Maybe there’s an app for that.
But I did find this! Who even buys that much chocolate at once?chocolate

The brain of a woman of my mature years needs a little assistance clearly. Mega doses of fish oil are NOT doing their job…Suggestions for a quick fix welcomed. And don’t say brain transplant, I’ve already spoken to Dr. Evil and he’s not interested.

dr. evil



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  1. Most of that I just put down to working too much to keep up. The thing that really bugs me about getting older is when I’m talking along – sober I might add – and all of a sudden some word that does NOT belong in the sentence pops out of my mouth. Not even a word that sounds similar to the one that should have been there – nope – just some random word.

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      HA! I call those traffic jams and my brain has them frequently, when you can’t decide what to say, find the correct word or even lose your complete train of thought. Seriously this shit blows!

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  2. Chocolove chocolate is the best! Things go rotten in my fridge all the time. It’d be helpful if my boyfriend threw things out too instead of just leaving all the work up to me!

  3. OMG I found you on Triberr and you made my afternoon giggling at this.
    You hun are so not alone in all of this I too have all of the above mentioned issues!

  4. I absolutely hated it when I open the refrigerator to find something that was edible at some point in time, now covered with fur. Every two weeks it’s a science fair on some unnamed series on Discovery channel.

  5. If that much chocolate were in my house, it wouldn’t last long enough to photograph. The Jurassic era ragu, however, seems to pop up in my fridge every few weeks.

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