She Really Does Love Him

Tomorrow is Grand Master D’s 12th birthday. 12, I can hardly believe it, but more on that later.

Today, Miss Gremlin wanted to make his birthday cake. She shopped for it then came home to cook.

I let her.

What?! I always look like this when I cook

pouring the cakemix

I’m doing it all mum!

Now for the eggs and oil

Ok so I got some all over the wall, isn’t that what paper towel is for!

The obligatory taste test

The masterpiece goes in the oven

exactly 34 minutes later………..

Then for the next hour, she pestered me silly to ice it. ‘Not until it’s cool’ became my mantra.

A blank canvas with which to decorate

Mummy helped spread the icing so the cake wouldn’t break…

Oreos, oreos and more oreos

TADA! My brother’s 12th birthday cake-Made by ME!

It’s cooling it’s heels in the fridge, tomorrow the candles will go on and we’ll sing the birthday song and he’ll get presents.

Today, little sister did something very special for her big brother.

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  1. THAT. That is what it is all about. So awesome that you have the pictures and now the post to document it for when they are at each other again! I love it. I hope mine feel that way about each other 7 years from now!

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