I Beat the Black Dog…………….. for Now.

I have been feeling really low and moody and angry for the last few days. The black dog sure has been chasing me down.

I have been struggling with my duties at the school, I have been struggling to get Grand Master D to commit to a full week of school each week. I have been struggling with the kids fighting all the time and just dealing with day to day issues. I’m tired, frustrated and can’t sleep. Even cooking, shopping and cleaning seemed too difficult. I have been stepping away and avoiding it all. And I couldn’t work out why. Hmmmm………..

It hit me this morning like a hammer. I have been forgetting to take my fish oil pills! Aha moment. Ok, so no wonder I’m feeling overwhelmed, tired, sleepless and generally frazzled. Silly girl. The fish oil which has been holding my depression at bay, keeping me sane and on even ground can’t do it’s job from the kitchen drawer. How dumb am I? But things have been busy, hectic and out of control. Can you blame me for forgetting. We’ve had people staying, lots of business entertaining, school activities have been busy for the end of year.
Now I am suffering the consequences. You can only hold on for so long.

I took the fish oil this morning and with continued use, in a few days I should start to feel better. I’m going to go out on a limb and call this absolute proof that pharmaceutical grade fish oil helps fight depression. I know it works because I had been doing really well and feeling quite normal for a long time while I was taking them.

I’m very pleased I’ve saved the day 🙂 ……….and found my sanity in the drawer.

So that’s it, I’ve solved it…. give up your happy pills with all the side effects, you don’t need them. You just need to remember the fish oil.


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  1. Fish oil and as much exercise as you can do, whether it is going for a walk, vaccuming, anything, just so long as there’s movement and the mind is busy keeping the body moving. The “black dog” has to work to keep up! Big love coming to you chick! XX

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