No Choice, It’s Ingrained……….The Path to a Future Defined

When you’re young, your life is laid out in front of you. You can achieve anything you set your mind to or so you think. Your dreams are of firemen or policemen. The question “What do you want to be when you grow up?‘ allows for outlandish thoughts and imagination from any child asked.

But what happens when the path is clear, marked out as if pre ordained. That’s how it is for Grand Master D, He’s going to be a director. Probably an actor too but behind the camera is really where his interest lies.

Ever since he could talk, even before, he was fascinated by movies. He would watch Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Nemo and many other Disney movies over and over! Not unusual you might say, and you’d be right, except he also acted them out.

It was like Halloween everyday….

At the age of 3 he stayed in character as Captain Hook for 3 weeks. Now that’s dedication. Speaking in a husky voice only using the types of phrase Captain Hook would use, we started to worry he would damage his throat! “Cast of you mangey dogs” was  his go to phrase. Such delivery and self control doesn’t exist in many adults but this kid has had it from the first.


Hans Solo

Hans Solo

Spiderman saving the day

Spiderman saving the day

Dash, and yes I used eyeliner as the mask..

Dash, and yes I used eyeliner as the mask..

Batman.. where's Robin?

Batman.. where’s Robin?

The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat

As 'The Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin

As ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin



Writing movie scripts in his spare time, he dodges homework and reading to follow his dream. I wish he could hand them in at school. If they had any idea of his creativity it would go a long way to understanding why he resists jumping through their silly hoops.

He recently signed a deal with a production company who want to help him develop a script and bring it to film. They’re offering to fund the trailer, help him raise the funding for the full film, while passing on their expertise. This is a real company, with real clients and they see his potential and want on that train.

Did I mention he’s 12? OH yeah, he’s 12.

The passion is real, he knows things I have no idea about, and will never know. He talks about directors and ALL their films and how they changed their genres. He  knows when films are coming out way before they’re even advertised. This kid spends his own money buying screen plays from Amazon to read. Who does that? My boy does.

It’s exciting to watch, it really is. He just knows what he wants and is walking towards it every day. What really grates on me now though, is that he has to waste so much time on subjects at school he’s never gonna need.

Having a conversation last week with his principal, I realised our high school choice is gonna be  rough. I wish there were specialised acting/director high schools 😛

But in all seriousness we are going to have to look very carefully and chose wisely to help support him on the path he’s obviously headed down.

Last night it wasn’t even a question whether he could stay up and watch the Oscars. It was Sunday night I know, and this morning was tough to handle but he’ll be there one day, I know it. He was totally into it too. He had his choices for all the categories and was keeping track of his wins and losses on his ipad. While we saw it as entertainment, he was watching as part of his future. His passion is profound, while many his age are just starting on a track of thinking for their future, he is half way down his path.

He’s chosen a difficult industry, full of crooks and slime balls but there are a few good ones too, he’ll find his way through and one day we’ll be in that audience watching our son receive an award, maybe more than once.

In the Director's chair editing his latest creation....

In the Director’s chair editing his latest creation….



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  1. First of all, that Cat in The Hat is priceless and totally going to rock his girlfriends one day. Second, I would love for my son to find passion at such a young age. And the fact that you not only allowed him to express himself, but encouraged it, it should come as no surprise an a year or so when he is accepting his first Oscar why he start his thank yous with “Mom & Dad” Well Done!

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