When He Thanks Me at the Oscars

When you live in a house full of creatives, and you’re one yourself, then you get to do different stuff. It’s just like that..

Grand Master D has an unscheduled day off school, no he’s not sick, it’s not a half day… there’s no hurricane or snow day, his 7th grade class has a field trip today. He didn’t want to go.

So why didn’t he participate you may ask? Well because that trip involves going to the movies…

WHAT? he doesn’t like movies? but he’s a kid?! All kids love movies.

Well of course he likes movies, no wait , he LOVES movies, obsesses about movies, knows directors and producers, how many movies they’ve made, what genre they like etc  and actors and all manner of shit I have no idea about…

He write screen plays for heavens sake, on his iphone, with screenwriting apps. The boy’s got chops!

In fact he’s using his time to write one now, on my ipad, in his cool clothes, not sick, at home with Dad.

This Kid loves movies, always has, since I sat him in front of the tv at 2. It’s his kiddy crack, well that and steak –but watching movies while eating steak?  OMG, Forget about it!

One day we’re all gonna remember back when he obsessed about doing it, writing, directing, acting….when he drove us crazy!

One day when he’s his generation’s Spielberg or Christopher Nolan or some other famous director.

One day when we watch him receive his Oscar for best feature film or Best Director and he thanks me*…… And in his speech to me, he thanks me for allowing him to follow his dream and for not getting bent outta shape when he didn’t focus on math, when he thanks me for believing in him, even when I didn’t see, but mostly he’ll thank me for letting him stay home so he didn’t have to go to the movies with his 7th grade class to see…………


Twilight-Breaking Dawn part 2


And I’ll sit in the front row, with tears streaming down my face, so proud of his achievements and I’ll mouth ‘You’re welcome, Son!’




* He thanks Dad in his speech too but this post is ALL .ABOUT. ME!

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