How He tries to make everything I do into a Money Making Scheme

The King and Grand Master DOver the last 22 years, The King has come up with some seriously hare-brained schemes….He’s entrepreneurial and has ADD and OCD. Yes I know, my medal is on it’s way…must be lost in the mail cos it’s been coming for years, YEARS, I tell you!

Anyway, enough about him this is about me………actually no it’s about him… It’s always about him.

I have hobbies, things I like to do for enjoyment and I’m good at them. Once upon a time, well before kids, I made all my own clothes. All of them, suits, skirts, pants, shirts, t shirts sweaters etc, even lingerie. I love to sew and over the years have made many, many things. When I met the King I started making clothes for him, vests, shirts, costumes for stage and then he progressed into colourful pants. To start with they were just elastic waisted pants to hang out in, glorified sweat pants, but then he decided he wanted tailored suit pants that he could wear for business.

book cover pants So for the next several years I would chose crazy material with beer labels, dinosaurs, frogs, roosters or any other fun and often kid friendly print to make these pants. They were wildly popular and people commented on them all the time. They were his signature thing. He even put Lord of the Pants on his business cards…….THEN, just as I was good at it, could make a pair in a one hour sitting, he decided we could make money out of this and decided that I was gonna go into production of pants and he was gonna sell them.

Now if you know me at all, you’ll understand I love something until it’s work, then I don’t love it anymore. So my favourite, hobby/leisure time was just about to become a full fledged money making business with deadlines and pressure and all the things you DON’T want in a hobby. Hobbies are to get away from all that. So I resisted, he pushed, I pushed back and it never really happened.


Different fabrics used

I loved to sew, I still enjoy it but the convenience is gone now, there’s no easily accessible fabric stores here, and I don’t have a dedicated sewing space, which means I have to pack up every day and those of you who sew know, that sucks. You want your project out and available when the mood strikes and then when you’re done you can walk away, shut the door on the mess until the mood strikes again.

My creativity has always come in spurts. I’ll go and spend a couple of hundred dollars at the fabric store on fabric, come home, cut everything out and have it ready to go, make a couple of things and say I’m bored with this and it might sit there ready to go again for 3 months. When the mood ย strikes once again,ย I will go in and sew again for a solid week and the desire is sated and I can walk away until the next time. I’ve always got projects cut and ready.

Once the kids came along I made all their little clothes too. Grand Master D was in matching pants and vests all the time! Miss Gremlin had the cutest, most way out little dresses.

SO this is how my hobbies work. Always have always will. And knowing this, the King still sees me as a money making venture and wants to tap into what I want as a hobby.

So now I’m writing a blog and I have a couple of things in some collaborative books thanks to the Life Well Blogged girls. He decides the other day I should write my own book, 100 or so things about blogging or what ever, just start writing he says. I wrote one last night so you can too. I want it Monday!

Well you can imagine my reaction. I hate it when he does that. To him, it’s an awesome idea, to him there’s money to be made, it’s easy and quick. To me there’s pressure! AND I HATE PRESSURE. I can’t function under pressure, I wither and die, shrivel in the corner waiting for the pressure to go away. HE loves it, thrives on it. It feeds his personality and his way of working….

We butt heads on this stuff all the time. I’m writing a blog, getting that going, which was his idea too, everyday, even when I have no inspiration, now he wants me to write a book too? I’m not ADD or OCD and I can’t function like him. The book he wrote on the ‘100 or so things’, he did in one sitting, one night …. but that’s just how he works, I can’t work like that.

So we continue our dance, he trying to make money out of the things I like to do for fun….which just ruins it all but he still tries. Bless his heart ๐Ÿ™‚

Luckily I’m no nympho or I’d be on the corner in fishnets!

As for the ‘100 or So things about Blogging’….. So far I have 6…..I started Saturday…It’s a work in progress ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. You can do it…the time that it as taking you to read this comment you could have easily written numbers 7-10 things about blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cute pants. I never learned to sew and I am always impressed by the things others create. That’s a book idea – Easy Sewing Patterns for Beginners. Get to it! Just kidding.
    Jae Mac, I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

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  2. I am like you; I just want my hobbies to be fun and relaxing. Perhaps instead of writing a book about blogging, you could write a book about living with an OCD/ADD husband? I think you have plenty of material for that.

  3. I like things for fun – when they become work – they suck. Until I decide they don’t suck. I’m good at starting a bunch of things – I’ve sold Pampered Chef, Discovery Toys, Tupperware, Mary Kay (which is a joke because I don’t wear makeup), Amway…..I think if there’s a home business to sell, I do it. And then I get bored. And move on. Luckily now I’m blogging. Cheaper so far.

    I’m glad you’re not a nympho because if you got picked up you wouldn’t be blogging and I’d go into withdrawl.

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  4. Oh, I’m familiar with this one, I’m afraid. I’ve written books, and I can tell you (and the King): they’re an expensive hobby.

    However, DH would love it if I kept writing more books, or figured out a way to “monetize” the blog. I’m not opposed in principle, but I think it’ll take more than a simple “write books” or “get ads.”

  5. Those pants look just like some lacrosse shorts my son had to have – there’s a market you can tap! I won’t tell your husband though – you don’t need any more pressure!

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  6. What a beautiful dance the two of you weave. Totally relate to the sewing thing. Finally got a space to sew this year. Of course it meant kicking the kids out of the homeschool room. They didn’t use it anyway, BUT the minute is was my perfect clean space, they moved back in.

    Our dance continues.

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