Wildlife Mishap

Today we went out to the place where Dad’s beloved little dog has made a new home. She was all alone too much here on the farm and with Ma being allergic, circumstances made life hard for both Ma and Whisper.
So it was decided that Whisper would go to another place. An ad was answered in the local paper and it was just meant to be.

Whisper has a new home and she’s very well looked after and really happy.

A welcome visitor

We went out to visit today, one, because the kids hadn’t met her and two, because it was time MA went back to check all was well, just for her own peace of mind.
After an hour and a half drive we came to the place set in idyllic countryside in the Tallangatta Valley.

The Snowy River Camp is a lovely place where school kids get to experience country life and where city folk and international tourists can come and have a true Aussie farm experience.

They have many and varied activities, from canoeing on their own lake to using flying foxes, horse riding and obstacle courses to mention onltors Peter and Merry Jeffery, just wandering around and chatting and spending time with Whisper.

We also met Stitch, a young male wombat. The kids had fun with him, never having seen one before, they got pretty close and had some time patting him. As wombats are nocturnal, he was still sleepy so he was a little stroppy and began nibbling the kids shoes. This was funny and cute and not too off putting for the kids. Animals do stuff like that.

Then events turned ugly………….after about 10-15 mins Young Stitch decided he’d had enough.
Stitch lunged on Miss Gremlin’s knee and chomped down with all his might. I was very close and was able to get in pretty fast and detach Stitch from his crying victim. I sat her on a chair to get a look at the damage when Stitch lunged again and Miss Gremlin, in her haste to pull her legs up to safety, fell backwards on her chair and crashed to the ground. It was quite a comedy of events and we all had a laugh afterwards.

Despite all this adversity Miss Gremlin was a good sport and when it was discovered no major damage was done, she recovered quickly with a new found respect for wombats.

While all the commotion was going on, Stitch, pleased with his efforts turned on his little legs and headed back into his sack to continue his slumber.

Although Peter and Merry said he liked Miss Gremlin and was just being friendly……. We think we’d rather not get friendly with wombats again, thanks all the same 🙂 Even Whisper has learned to keep her distance.

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