No Sudden Moves

Movement of a strange kind, no, actually any kind, is all too much for our poor brain damaged, blind in one eye, rescue dog Sir Lickalot….Be warned. Anything beyond vacuuming will upset him. Moving furniture around, bringing in large boxes with purchases in them. The shopping cart. Forget it when the kids get the nerf guns out. Even when too many people are here he’ll go up stairs and hide beside my bed. And loud noises also make him bolt or hide.

Sunday, the King finally installed the components shelf in the living room for all the stuff after we moved the desk out into the dining room. It’s been living on the floor for a couple of months.  This time it was the drill that set him off. I was at the other end on the couch writing when it started. Sir Lickalot came straight over and sat right at my feet, looking the other way. The body language was hilarious… He was harumphing for sure. As the drilling got more persistent, Sir Lickalot got more fretful. We managed to capture it for your enjoyment, ok and ours….

fretting dog 2

Mum there’s a noise, make it stop

No seriously, can't you hear that?

No seriously, can’t you hear that?

Listen I'm telling you all this is NOT OK , not OK

Listen, I’m telling you all this is NOT OK , not OK!

It's a mummy sandwich and I'm not leaving until it's over.

It’s a mummy sandwich and I’m not leaving until it’s over.

And here is why he was so stressed……

The men at butt cracks here

The men at work…no butt cracks here


We're so fancy.... (don't look at the leads, not the leads)

We’re so fancy…. (don’t look at the leads, not the leads)


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hump day hook up


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  1. Poor baby! My little dog is a nervous thing, and I’m always asking guests to sit down. If they’re standing, she is a wreck, quivering and barking. Apparently, in her mind, friends sit down.

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