When the Vacuum Does Other Stuff

Sir Lickalot

Our special, brain damaged, weirdo rescue dog has many odd habits, some funny and some sad. I really wish he could talk and explain to us what happened to him………

These are the things we’ve learned so far..

Whenever I get the dog biscuits out of the cupboard to feed him, he goes upstairs, he seems frightened of the crinkling noise of the bag.

When he gets bumped, instead of getting out of the way , he splays his legs out and crouches down in fear.You have to step over him or move him out of the way by sliding him with your foot.

This became very problematic one morning when I tied him up outside of Starbucks
( yeah I know) to get coffee. For some odd reason he always moves onto the road. Well this time there was a car parked and the owner started to move, now a normal dog, when bumped by a car pulling out would move out of harms way, but not Sir Lickalot, he crouched in front of the car in the street, as the car kept moving he crouched lower in an acceptance of the fate about to befall him… I was in the line watching on thinking surely he’ll move, but no….. and just as I was ready to race out, a stranger saved him from probable squishing, by physically dragging him back on the footpath.

I have never tied him near the road since.

Loud noises freak him out and he comes and sits right on my feet. He’s not a fan of NERF guns either.

Sometimes if there are too many people around he retreats upstairs where it’s quiet.

He never barks… I mean never! We’ve owned him for 4 years and have heard him bark as many times. It’s the weirdest thing…

He adores little people…..well of the child variety. I haven’t tried the other type 🙂 . He whines if he can’t be all over them. Of course his size is rather frightening to a small child and therefore we have to hold onto him but he just loves them.

He doesn’t like cigar smoke and won’t take food out of your hands ….. ever.

The cellular memories of his abuse must be very strong because we care for him with extra love…… And never hit him…

He LOVES to get up on the chair for cuddles, no mean feat for 60lb dog!

But his strangest habit yet, is the fact that he LOVES to be vacuumed. He’s a fluffy dog, he has that double coat under fluff thing going on, which sheds like nothing else. When I clean the floors I can make several small dogs out of the fluff I collect. Because of this we need to groom him often, we don’t ..but we need to.

It’s such a task and you could literally brush him for an hour and still not get it all…… so I started vacuuming him…. Of course with his history I expected him to freak right out, imagine my surprise when he got up, only to turn over so I could do the other side!

Ever since that day, he gets a weekly vacuuming which can last for 30 minutes! He just loves it.. sometimes his leg goes, you know, in the scratching motion that dogs get when you hit the right tickle spot. 🙂

So last night was his evening of pleasure, and as usual he loved it… He wanted to share his joy with you, so he asked if I could post these pictures ….It seems a bit voyeuristic I know, but enjoy it anyway.

Oh good, the vacuum….. I am a little itchy scratchy….

This way mum? Is this where you want me?

The leg was going in this picture……

Yeah that bit on the back of my neck…… ahhhh that’s the spot.

Careful of the jewels….. careful….mmmmmm

I’ll lift my leg, hang on, yeah that bit, you got it!

And that my friends is the closest I’m ever gonna get to dog porn 🙂


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  1. That dog is a sweetheart! We had a rescue dog that had a lot of quirks. They seemed to fade over the years. I think it just took him a long time to feel safe. He was the best dog I’ve ever had. I cannot get over the vacuuming. That is just so funny!

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