The Week We Fended for Ourselves. Let’s Not Do That Again

Things have ramped up in the business and now The King has to travel a bit. That’s fine. I’m used to it, He used to travel all the time. I have been spoilt over the last few years though as he hasn’t been away for a while.

Wednesday he had to fly out to LA for a week. He had meetings booked back to back and then he was going to stay in a Malibu beach house. He asked to join him. I decided not to because of the kids commitments. As it turned out THAT decision was super lucky.

The morning of the flight began like any other morning, the rush and hurry of kids getting ready for school, Miss Gremlin left, feeling proud that she was nominated as Student of the Month and she would be presented at the ceremony Thursday. She was scheduled to have a half day. The boy child, Grand Master D, got out the door relatively on time, feeling poorly but he went anyway.

9am: The King left for the airport, everything he needed packed neatly in a small bag and briefcase. I took the dog for a walk and got into the morning with my second coffee.

10am: I get a txt from Grand Master D requesting I bring him lunch as I was coming to the school anyway and school lunch sucks. We had a little banter about me being his slave πŸ™‚ but I agreed. I showered and got ready.

10:45: I left the house, planning to get the boys lunch on the way to pick up Miss Gremlin from school. Just as I was about to reach the school I got a txt from the King, his passport wasn’t in his bag, the airline had printed the wrong name on his boarding pass and he probably wouldn’t make the flight.

He does this to me all the time. It heightens my anxiety levels and there’s nothing I can do. He used to call me at 3am to tell me he left his coat on the train with the car keys in it,drunk of course … as if I can do something about it! I was in the cottage 50 miles away with 2 sleeping children and no car. He does it to share the problem, I know. A problem shared is a problem halved and all that shit but all it does is stress me out πŸ™‚

Anyway, there’s nothing I can do about the missing passport or the misprinted boarding pass. Even if I knew where it was it’s a 90 minute ride out to the airport on the train. I suggested he use his license as ID and told him I hope he makes the flight.

I’m still shaking my head at all this, crossing the road to school, when I get the txt from the teacher about Miss Gremlin injuring herself. The King hadn’t even left yet and things were turning to shit fast.

By 11:30 we were at the ER.

As luck would have it, all was rectified at the airport and they held the plane for him.

That was just the first few hours of day 1.. yep we’re totally fucked. Grand master D got his lunch, in case you were wondering.

Thursday was mostly uneventful. Miss Gremlin chose school so she could attend her award ceremony. I drugged her well and walked with her so I could explain to teachers what I didn’t want her doing. We met again at 1:30 for the ceremony and I was a super proud Mama of the injured student of the month πŸ™‚

Friday, as you know was the beginning of winter storm #Nemo, seriously who names a storm after a fish? Although, I believe they were going for Capt. Nemo of 20,000 leagues? Who knows. Anyway Friday morning came and both kids felt like shit, so I said stay home, we’ll cook and watch the storm. I shopped for survival supplies and we enjoyed the quiet day inside. I wasn’t really worried about the storm but the way the media whips itself into a frenzy I did feel a little nervous that I was facing it without my protector.

Of course we were fine. We didn’t lose power and Saturday morning we woke to 11 inches of snow on the terrace.

Saturday we had a quick sled, just because there was snow but I was worried about Miss Gremlin’s face and Grand Master D wasn’t feeling the hill with all the people. We played with the dog on the roof and then stayed inside.

Sunday was uneventful because we stayed inside where it was safe. I did enjoy watching Downton Abbey in the living room for a change …. so there’s that!

Monday went ok. Nobody was injured. I even cleaned without injuring myself or breaking anything.

The King boarded his plane at 1:20am LA time this morning and should be home around lunchtime……. I refuse for anything else to happen.

Hopefully the next time he goes away we won’t be tested so much because THAT shit sucks!



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  1. Ugh. My husband works ridiculous hours (think 12+ hour days with the occasional travel). Like you, I’m totally used to it, but I could do without the drama! Glad you pulled through (but sorry about the ER visit – yikes!).

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  2. Uugh. I hate getting those stress out texts when there isn’t a darn thing you can do about it. Sorry for the ER visit. They are the worst, not only is your child in need of medical care, but you can also kiss a large chunk of your day good-bye.

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  3. My husband used to travel one week every month when my kids were younger and something ALWAYS happened when he was away (garage door stuck open, dead mouse). NOW I’m laughing. THEN, not so much. So glad you survived your ordeal.

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