The New Kid Haven

I spent the weekend painting the kid’s room. Now that we’ve rearranged it and they have their own space it was time to get some paint on the walls. It’s never been painted since we moved in. With them having bunk beds and lots of shelving there really wasn’t much wall space showing anyway.

But finally I bit the bullet and decided to get it  done.

I’ve always loved bright, bold colours and I am a painting fiend. When we lived in Australia, I would send the King off to work with a beige kitchen and he’d arrive home to a blue one, no mess, no disruption, just blue walls. I’m good at that. I just move stuff to the middle of the room and paint. No fuss, no having stuff hanging around for days. Just get the job done.

So after rearranging their digs on Monday, I promised a new colour on the weekend.

This is how it looked before they got their own space.

Here’s the comparison pics. It really came out great.

Grand Master D’s side

After the move, Miss Gremlin described their digs. ‘Mum,’ She said ‘Grand Master D has the luxury office and I have the military barracks!’

Little Miss Gremlin’s side

While this is pretty true I did have to remind her that she had the queen bed.

And here’s how it looks with a new coat of paint…….or 3.

Grand Master D’s luxury office

Miss Gremlin’s military barracks

And here’s what we found behind the divider desk. I had to snap before I painted over it forever more. Little Miss Gremlin’s mitts.

Little Hands

It was a great days work, very satisfying and very happy children. Our house is finally completely painted.

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      Well yes that could be the case but if I’m very quiet and dont mention it again and put all the stuff away maybe The King won’t think of new colour for another room 🙂 Here’s hoping 🙂

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