The Kids Are Foxing…… I Think………..But How Do You Really Tell?

At what point do you believe your kids are sick? Is it when they say I’m sick in the tummy but they have no temperature and they haven’t vomited? Do you believe them at 7am Monday morning when they have been perfectly fine all weekend? Do you negotiate until they’re late then let them stay home?

This is my world today. Miss Gremlin, from the minute I woke her up, started with the I feel sick. Now she is usually great at wanting to go to school but lately she has started  feeling ‘sick’ more. I suspect hormones are in play, she is moody and teary and probably does feel sick and with her, she is so far ahead in school, it’s not really a concern. However I feel like I’m being played a bit too. How do you decide? How mean do you get ? Do you send them to school snivelling and whining and actually crying ? Or do you take the soft route and say ‘Ok stay home?’

I know when the King gets up there will be a confrontation but short of physically dragging her out of bed what are my options? I’m so frustrated!

Then you have Grand Master D and Lord knows he’ll try and get out of school any opportunity he can. He uses the I feel sick in the stomach all the time. Is this a real phenomena or is it an act? We argued all morning today, beyond the time he needed to leave. There were lots of tears, he insists he feels sick and I have let him go back to bed but I said ‘When you wake up better, then you are going to school’ I know I could have fought it but to what end and how do I even know what the right thing to do is?

Maybe they are both feeling bad, perhaps they do need extra sleep and they feel sick. Maybe it’s just mondayitis. I really don’t know and I feel bad either way. I don’t want them home all day, they need to be in school. But if they’re really sick and I send them am I a mean mummy. I wear that badge and I’m not scared of it but I don’t know what to do about this.

I find it so difficult to decide what the right course is. It makes me crazy…..

Today though, when they both wake up, they are getting dressed and going to school because I think I have to prove that foxing won’t really work.

I’m so tired of this.

What would you do? I really want to know.

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