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Going through the morning routines today, The King asked me if I spent $113 on itunes? Wait, what? No…. why? Because there’s a 113 bucks out of our account for itunes and 111 the other day. I think we’ve been hacked again. I’ll check it out.

Having been hacked and victim of an unauthorised purchase at Gamestop, we have very recently changed cards.

The email comes back from itunes on what we need to do. They suggest calling the bank. Then they can refund if the bank starts an investigation. So as it usually goes the email get s forwarded to me to handle. I called the bank and got started, these things always take time. The bank guy wasn’t very helpful but I kept on with the investigation.


We got to the point of cancelling my card. There was nothing else to do , the transactions weren’t made by us but other transactions from itunes were so cancelling was the only option.I would receive a new one in 7-10days…. 7-10 days! Seriously? Don’t they want me to spend money? Anyway once that was done…he transfered me to the fraud department and I began going through the story again, because these guys don’t talk and you have to repeat it every time. So frustrating. While I was on the phone with her it occurred to me that I hadn’t checked Miss Gremlin’s account, so I logged in … and low and behold……




SHIT!  What the fuck!?  How did she? What is this?…..

So I politely said to the fraud department lady that I found the problem, it wasn’t fraud and was it possible to stop the cancellation of my card………..Of course NOT Mrs. Mills but you will get a rushed card and you’ll have it in 1-2 days….. I bet it doesn’t have 101 Dalmations on it anymore though… 🙁

Now I had to contact itunes and plead my case and get my money back. I love Apple… Have I mentioned this before? Oh I hope so because Apple has live chat and I could sort it out right away. I explained what was going on, I admitted she was 9.

itunes convo 1

I’m pretty sure there’s some rules about being at least 14 to have an itunes account. Whatever right? We all do it. Anyway he knew exactly what had happened.

itunes convo 2

Those pesky in-app purchases. The sneaky app builders nab your password while you’re downloading it and then it’s in the app so if you click yes it just charges your account automatically without asking you to approve it.  BOOM! Who doesn’t want more coins in Temple Run? And what kid thinks it would be $99? She thought it was .99cents… yep CENTS!

While he looked over my account he sent me very helpful information on how to put restrictions on and stop those in-app purchases getting in behind your password. Go to settings>general>restrictions….click enable and it will ask you to set up a 4 digit password.



once you get beyond that, you’ll see this screen. Turn the in-app purchase OFF and change your password to immediately.


restrictions 1

restrictions 2

 OK, now you have that covered you won’t get charged….
Then Jason from itunes came back with the news.

itunes convo 3


I’m pretty cluey and managed to work it out myself with the instructIons he sent over but I asked a couple of extra questions just to make sure. Then I thanked him very much for his time and left the chat. I may have done a little win dance…. We got our money back, luckily.

I then went around the house and restricted all the kids devices. I’m taking ONE TIME courtesy seriously 🙂

Now to explain the new rules to Miss Gremlin and tell her what she did…

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  1. That’s pretty crazy! It’s awesome that the guy from iTunes was able to help you out and refund your money. That says a lot of great things about their customer service. I can imagine it’s a tricky thing to make sure kids aren’t accidentally purchasing things in-app – they sure make it easy to spend money without realizing it!

  2. Oh my gosh, this happened to me with both my kids buying in-app coins and whatchamacallits on their Kindles, but the charges weren’t that high! I’m glad they helped you out and refunded that money. Sorry about your card no longer have 101 Dalmatians on it. 🙁

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  3. OMG! I would have died! I had a similar situation a year ago. I got a call from my credit card saying they put a freeze on it and asked me if I made a purchase at Um, no.

    I told them to cancel my card and they did the same thing with the 7-10 days crap. I said no. They overnighted it.

    Turns out, it was my husband, but instead of big titties it was big TEES. He ordered two t-shirts. Oops.

    I called the guy back immediately but it was too late. The damage was done. I guess next time I should ask the fraud department to spell out the website. Nah, it’s still my husband’s fault.

    I’m a regular reader but saw you were on That Friday Blog Hop so I followed it from there. Happy weekend!

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  4. LOVE your blog!! Following you now. 🙂 Thanks for participating @ \”Showin\’ Some LOVE Hump Day blog hop! See you next week! 🙂 <3 Amanda*

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  5. WOW! My son did this one time on Amazon.


    Well, at least you figured it out!

    Thanks for linking up at the Showin’ Some Love blog Hop!

    I will be following you via twitter and facebook.

  6. Hey there, here from the blog hop! Just wanted to let you know I’m following you on Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest :o) Hope you’ll get a chance to check me out!

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