You Can’t Make this Stuff Up!

After a close call with the itunes man and cancelling my credit card again! ………That’s a whole other story coming soon

I realised it was once again 1pm and I was yet to shower for the day. I never understood this when mothers complained but here I am… doing it again. I don’t even have babies! I just get caught up in what I’m doing and then it’s afternoon!

So up stairs I went to wash and on the way through I spoke to the King about our near miss, mentioned I was headed for the shower and that was …my fatal error.

penises are weird


I should have known better, I should have just showered and sent him an email but no.. I had to go near the desk……..


King: Well while you’re taking your pants off.


Me: No I don’t really feel like it…I’m just getting in the shower and I have work to do.


King: Yeah but … (he may have flashed me but I pretended not to see) And then he put on the puppy eyes….


Me: Oh alright then come on, quick!   ….it’s the kind of foreplay he loves so much.


He nearly tripped over his trampoline getting up from his desk…………which he hadn’t worked out on yet.



As we headed for the bedroom …

King: I lubricated my trampoline….. and I don’t mean you…


Me: wha ? ? ?


This ended in uproarious laughter… I may have peed myself and had an asthma attack. I also got in trouble for not concentrating…. 

My life rocks 🙂



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  1. I found this HEEE-LARIOUS. My husband and I are home all day together so I could totally relate. I’ve heard on more than one occasion – “we’ve got five minutes before the bus comes.” (puppy dog eyes included)

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  2. Never, EVER, tell your husband you are going to take a shower. Because all they hear is “I will be naked and do you want to have a quickie??” It’s just they way they are wired. lol
    Thanks so much for sharing this funny on talu.

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