Our first official summer outing was had this weekend….and it was good!

We went over night to the Hamptons, I know, so pretentious… but we have friends out there and it’s fun. We chose to drive out friday after the kids got out of school but the traffic was against us and it was a 5 hour trip… WTF people… 5 hours! It didn’t matter, we had fun, I got quite an education from my son.. but more on that later, anyway half the fun is in the drive, right?
Leaving the city

Off the Island.. craziness!

We arrived in time for dinner, it was still light out and the kids were off. Stretching their city legs in the wide open spaces. We stayed friday night and all day saturday and at 3pm we headed back to the city….

And found the most delicious Indian food on our block! Yep I think we’ll be seeing more indian in our future.

As most weekends go, you get home sunday exhausted and then have to get up monday for work and school. It sucks right, well we got up and it was still Sunday! Another free day! It felt like a long weekend.. So awesome to have a get away and stay home too. I highly recommend doing it that way.

The kids had so much fun, running around, riding the motorbike and swimming. I may have forgotten sunscreen.. oops my bad, but you know you’ve had a good weekend when you feel the scorch of sunburn..

The King was totally relaxed.

A latte and a muffin to start the day

relaxing with the piano

We even got the toes out…. wild right?

photo 3-1

photo 4-2

How did you spend your first warm weekend?



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  1. Oh wow! A 5 hr trip! Looks like everyone had a great time nonetheless. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us over at Showin\\\’ Some Love Hump Day Blog Hop + The Ultimate Stash Giveaway! <3 Amanda*

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  2. They always say, it’s not about the destination but the journey. I think in your case it might have been about the destination though! How nice there!

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